Minimal Dashboard

  • PLATFORM: Tablet
  • CATEGORY: Productivity 
  • ABOUT: The dashboard aims at providing a smooth and peaceful experience thanks to its minimal design. This product is thought for a small business or company such as a startup. It would help them to manage their tasks and track their achievements without disturbing and affecting the productivity of the team members.

Design Process


Visual Design


  • Global Yearly Stats
  • Monthly Growth
  • Achievements tracking


  • Teams Members info
  • Contact Member of the Team
  • Reference


  • Personal Meetings
  • Meeting details
  • Send Meeting invitation


  • Team Tasks
  • Add a Task


Feedback were collected through the use of a System Usability Scale. Additional comments underlined the issue of not knowing which task was assigned to the User ("Tasks" screen) and the lack of a "Private Message" section.

  • These needs were addressed and the final result is visible on the Interactive Prototype on InVision.

Interactive Prototype

check it out on dribbble

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