Shazam - Artist Profile

  • PLATFORM: Mobile app
  • COMPANY: Shazam Entertainment
  • ABOUT: Make a proposal to change Shazam's Artist pages. The goal of this page is to allow users to learn more about an artist they just discovered, and ideally help artist build a connection with their fans.

Design Process

Problem to Solve

Informal interviews were conducted asking the public to interact with the app following a specific user flow:

[open app - tap on discover - tap on magnifier icon - search an artist - enter his/her page - browse the artist profile page]. 

Feedback collected from these interviews resulted in common issues faced by the participants: 

  • The layout was not consistent throughout the app.
  • Too many ads.
  • The content could have been better organized.
The app lacks brand consistency as every section of it looks and feels different. [...] Additionally, information displayed on the artist page feels cramped and cluttered.

Sketches & Mind Mapping

Product Analysis

Visual Design

Digital Prototype

Interactive Prototype

  • Profile animation with Principle
  • Play with it on InVision for better quality
check it out on dribbble

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